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Rim – nordic folk quartet with a powerful and engaging presence

It began as an experiment. Four musicians set out on a two year long journey to study in the Nordic countries. They created compositions and arrangements with inspiration from the music they learnt and the people they met and were soon acknowledged for their musical expression and their tight knit way of playing together. Rim is now a rising band on the folk scene. Their musical language is dynamic and subtle with lots of groove and colourful rhythmic variations which is mixed with storytelling of people and life – high and low.


"Here we hear musicians who knows no limits regarding interplay and arangements! They show a width of musical expressions, are good componists and imaginative arrangers. Transparent soundscapes with rythmical ease and power, and especially with groove. Each one of the four is bringing a solistic and personal style when playing together." - Eli Storbekken

"Groove machines!" – Olof Misgeld

"Ex-cel-lent- playing skill, interplay, sensitivity, diversity + pretentiousless, witty, sometimes also soul scraping stories" - Ants Johansen

In July 2015 Rim released their debut album. Producer was the renowned finnish accordionist Maria Kalaniemi. During the summer and autumn of 2015 Rim had a release tour in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The RIM-CD was nominated to the Norwegian Folkelarm Awards 2015.

Elin Jonsson


Elin Jonsson is a young fiddle player known for her delicate, groovy and vivid style. Born and raised in a folk music environment she has played the fiddle since childhood. Although the tunes from her home, the region of Jämtland, is closest to her heart Elin likes to play music from all the Nordic countries and is a versatile musician who explores the border between tradition and improvisation. The last years she has recieved several prizes within the folk music genre in Sweden. Elin plays in the Swedish/Norwegian band Rim and is a sought after solo artist.

Hilde Fjerdingøy

diatonic accordion

Hilde Fjerdingøy is one of the top diatonic accordion players in Norway, known for her soulful, powerful and groovy style. She plays music from many different traditions in Scandinavia and has entered deeply into the tradition of Helgeland, her home area in the north of Norway. In addition to her concert and dance playing, Hilde is also an accomplished teacher. She’s a member of the Swedish-Norwegian band Rim and Duo Fjerdingøy & Andersson. Hilde holds a Bachelor degree in Norwegian traditional music at the Ole Bull Academy of Music, and as well as this she has been playing numerous concerts around Norway and abroad, including China, Brazil, USA, Estonia, Sweden, England and Austria.

Sunniva Abelli


Sunniva Abelli grew up in Stockholm in a family of musicians, actors and artists, surrounded by music. She is a singer and nyckelharpa player, composer of contemporary folk music with roots in swedish traditional folk rhythmics and tonality, and as a musician she is known for her dynamic and danceable playing. Sunniva also play in the bands Tradpunkt and Vilde.

Jo Einar Jansen


Jo Einar Tobias Sterten Jansen is a Norwegian fiddle-/hardanger fiddle player and singer, who’s music has been described as powerful, dynamic and creative. Growing up in a musician family in Nord-Trøndelag he has played the local folk music since he was a kid. Now Jo Einar is a musician with a big, and continuously growing repertoire from the Nordic countries, Estonia and the rest of life.



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